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hey! IM a good girl!

Hello everyone! im back again..

i love this song! every part of me and just a girl

Lost for Words and Newly Come Back !

Almost 5 Month i Haven't open My Blog/Site. Who Misses Me? I guess no one..

But with the 5 months of no blogging,i guess i enjoy my life,i joined in some VTR'S like what i Dreaming,
i also entered a Modeling workshop were I'm able to develop my Modeling Skills. I'm Pretty Busy with my study also I'm a 1st year College student now taking up Bachelor of Science In Computer science You know this course is kinda hard. I guess that is the reason why i didn't open my account for a long time.

I Put pictures  here in what i captured after 5 months.

Me and my Mom are getting busy doing my echo t-shirt and shorts for my first ever Fashion Show.(i love you mom)

This is it,this is the morning rehearsal before the show heal the world.

The show began ,this some of my favorite poses..

Thank you so much for spending time just to reading and watching my blog..Thank you..
The Girl who back,.,,
-Love ,Margie Rhen Roxas

Search For the Next Sam! i joined..

Wow,i amazed to myself.i don't know how can i did it?i made my first ever Performance outside the house,the school or to the bedroom(kiding)i performed lived this May 1,2010 for the audition of Skin White Teen Search for the next Sam! i heard about the contest on asap xv so i make a audition video earlier,this is my video watch it sorry for the low quality,

but then,last night April 30,2010 i received messages from Skin White team Ms,Ida Cua that they're inviting me to come on the on-ground audition,so yeah i came,and make this messed-up performance(not really)

(sorry kinda blur and low quality for the voice,some people emailed this video i dont know her/him so thank you for recording this video for me.)

so thats all,,im still waiting for the result ,hope they will choose me to be in on the next round(hope so)

I Loved Fansites..

Finally Im here,no study means i can blog now.So first of all i want to shared this to you that i loved Fan-sites(obviously) It is like making fansite for the artist that i idolize is my life ,My World(not Justin Bieber My world 2.0) and my joy lets start.

Im the Web Miss of This is the first Fan-site That i made last July 11,2009 me and my brother Vincent planned to make fansite for Miley Cyrus as we dedicated this site for Miley(she is our idol of course)i made Vincent as the administrator of the Mileynatics Philippines.When we started this at first we only have few members in forum( and few readers for the main site.We want our site to spread so we make friendster,facebook.,twitter,youtube and a gallery account.Finally we did it..we save more Members and readers.That's why i started making fansite. Mileynatics is turning 1 year this July 11,2010 And well,congrats to me i did a great job,thanks to all Mileynatics members who keeps on telling me that i did mileynatics well site and they always Thanked me for the site,to them to get updated to miley..Btw i love meeting and greeting new friend whose miley fan too.

Second Fansite i made is Ke$ha Philippines,the site is up now you can browse and read news about Ke$ha At Ke$ (hope you'll like it) I loved Ke$ha ,i like the way she dress up like a rockstar and her music really cool,i remember Lady Gaga on her(im a fan too).I decided to make Ke$ha Philippines for those who like Ke$ha too.I promised it to be updated and planning to make forums for ke$ha too?.  

The Third Fansite i've done is its a Kinda Different from my last fan-site,it is different because i made this fansite for Pinoy artist,for a vj,for a boy,and the one and only fansite for him.Nel Gomez is a Myx Vj he won on Myx vj search 2009, I loved the way he vj-ing on myx..he's awesome and he is also a dancer.and the special mention he look like David Archuleta..:) Basta Im his Fan...Vj nel GoGoGo..!

 The last and the Fourth fansite i have ,is Miley Central Philippines but note: im not the first owner of this site its Faith,but faith told me that she is so tired and too busy to handle that site,so she allowed me to be the new owner of this,Well now im the new owner of (visit it) I loved Miley Cyrus(of course)so i promised to you that this site will be updated as i did in

So now have you seen my 4 sites.But then its not yet done im a staff of Different Fansites too like this one I love Lady GaGa the way her style still cute even if its too rude,her songs really awesome(who say's bad romance,just dance and poker face are not good?)lol i loved lady gaga so i applied on lets called it"Lady Gaga Philippines' the First and premiere fansite for Lady GaGa called it""Finally im in,im now a contributor of this site :)

The Second fansite im in is The site is awesome,at first im not a fan of Taylor swift but then when i finally found out that taylor and miley is bff,i started liking  Taylor i listen to her song and reading updated about her on ..So now let me count my self as a Big Fan..a Taylor Swift fan..Im a TAYSWIFTSTER.. Thanks to taylorswift philippines that they accept me as a Moderator,i posted updated there about taylor..and wait im the featured fan of that site (currently) look for it go visit..

The Third one is Selena Gomez Philippines Fansite.this site Turned One year this April 01 ,2010 so im glad im in this site,i know im the part of the success of this site.The site consist a 38000 visitors for one year..whuhu im glad..i loved Selena even if miley and her had a fight what i said on i posted updated there about selena ..

Another Taylor Swift Fansite..i've joined on the time that i applied to be a moderator of this site is the time im obsessed with taylor,taylor is a good performer and i found her a good influence to my dream.(of course miley no,1) i posted update here too.for now the site is in under construction..

Why she is so Good Performer?

Miley was so awesome performer when i watched her performance of when i look at you on AMERICAN IDOL,she made a standing ovation ,she was so cool i loved her voice so much..oh come on who i am to follow her footstep?i want to perform like her.=(

i think im lucky to have friends..

Whoho..i meet alot of MILEY FANS ..
Of course that what i love,i love to meet and greet miley fans too.
they are awesome,i meet friend whose miley fans from UNITED STATES,SINGAPORE,CANADA,
HAWAII,ETC and ofcourse PHILIPPINES,i love having friends i think thats the only thing i can call myself lucky,even if they are only my online friends and were still dont see each other in personal i know im having a great time to chat with them.
and now i meet 2 miley cyrus pinoy fans whose philippines artist,
they are NIKKI BAGAPORO of abs-cbn can you see her in going bulilit before,
and the other one is CLAIRE HARTELL,claire has no project already,but i think sooner,she was a girl who loves to auditon she always sang miley/hannah songs so i meet her in twitter..

i wrote this blog because i  would liked to say THANK YOU from being my friends,,
they were so nice i loved them so mcuh.i was really inspired to there dreams
even if were not seeing each other..

hope i could meet more friends..
i dedicated this song to my online friends.they meant alot to me.

Graduation DAY! & my dreams.

OH MY GOSH! Im so excited,im graduating now,MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.(i guess)
im able to graduate on MARCH 26,2010 im so excited,but then so nervous ,next school
im going to enter college.its so hard ,i think i dont want to step on college,i think im afraid,:(
But i need to face it im turning 16 too this MAY 29,2010 and that was the day that i can called myself as
a SWEET 16,its that im too young to step on to college,

im gonna share some stories,

When i was a 5 years old i promised to myself that before im going to celebrate my 18th birthday i need to rich my dreams,i want to perform on stage(i perform,but im not that famous)i mean i wnat to be famous i want to be a model or to be an actress and singer,i know how to sing well and to act well too,
in modeling my mom told me that i was a very good model,,i know to stood up well and to wear clothes i know how to partner my clothes too,so my mom thinks im perfect for that dream,but in acting and singing my number 1 supporter was my brother,when im singing he always said your awesome i like your voice,and he recording my voice when im singing,(pretty cool)..

so moved on,im graduating now and turning 16th 2 years more to reach my dreams

hope i could do it so fast.
i want to be miley cyrus as my inspiration.
hope i could find ways to make my dreams come true.

but as of now,all i have to think is,how to stepped on college after the graduation day.

Wake Up Philippines !

Come on PHILIPPINES,we need to wake up and save the earth,
 the earth needed a little attention so why we can't give ?

a few minutes,hour to save earth,1 minute of finding a right place to

throw you garbage,a empty junk food plastik, why we cant trash it into a right place,its just a big deal,
imagine the global warming now, so did you think its good,our weather changing now its not rotating to the real rotation of the weather,i think its all because of us,(not all,but the people who don't know how to respect the nature/earth)..

i think this song of miley needs to inspired us,WAKE UP AMERICA,she wrote this song just to say WAKE UP people ,earth need a attention ,need to save,,,

as i am a PHILIPPINES citizen i would say WAKE UP PHILIPPINES,,we need the earth,we don't want lost it ,its our country our lives,and the place we were born,come on face the truth if earth lost of course we lost too we will die ,no food to eat no drink to drunk,its so hard,we need to saved it...

i put lyrics of wake up america here hope it could help.

Lyrics | Miley Cyrus lyrics - Wake Up America lyrics

i changed!

Wow im so happy that i did whats my promises are:

1.NOT Drinking coffee
im a coffee lover since i was 10 years old i think i got this habit of drinking coffee to my grandma,she is a coffee lover too,and no one stopped me to drink coffee because my family loves coffee,they drink it every morning,but im the only one drinking coffee at night,

when i realized that coffee is bad for my health liked my teacher told us(classmates)not to
drink coffee always cause its bad,now i started to drink MILK than COFFEE.
ITS SO HARD FOR ME TO CHANGE because coffee is one of my love,
but all i have to do is thinking that i am doing this for my good health,so i drink MILK in the morning and AT NIGHT,i feel good its different from drinking coffee at night than Milk,
im so glad i changed..

2.NOT reading too much

(Don't think that im a genius)im reading books and magazines alot of my free time,i can read 3 books in one day with 100 pages each of the books.i love reading especially biographical books of a t.v personnel,
and magazine i love magazine because i can read news about celeb,fashions,and rumors for my fave artist.I think im too bad for that hobbies,my grandma told me not to read more,because its going to be the cause of headache and blurring my eye.i think my grandma is right,i feel headache every time i used to read books more.

PROCESS: Now that i need to change that bad habits of being book and mag lover.and the truth i feel blury eye now,and having headache most of the time because of reading too much.i need to make moves for that,last week i started to control myself not to buy books and magazine at the book store because when i buy i will be able to read it,so i dont buy.and if i need the book badly i will make routine in my reading time,i will going to read book 1 hour only everyday,i think ive done .

im done on this 2 changed.but thinking what to change soon..

i though i lost you.

OH MY GOSH!is that too late.I Watch Bolt last sunday.i know,i know most of us watch it already before.
but me i watch it last sunday! it was so awesome movie.
i love bolt now,he was a superstar,she love penny(mileys voice)they look awesome,
penny was a loving person she love bOLt so much ,bolt and her are friends forever,
hope i could find a best friend too LIKE PENNY,,It was really an inspiring movie
by the way this song is great,miley cyrus and john travolta called "i though i lost you"used in bolt movie.